Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Distractions and Talking Points

A game of political chess - With no hope of winning the battle in the court of public opinion over PlameGate, the next move is obvious. Plame, Wilson and Roberts are nothing but pawns to the Bush Administration. The Administration had to get the spotlight away from Bush and towards the more comfortable territory of accusing democrats of being partisan obstructionists: One extreme court nomination, filibuster, nuclear option, and the destruction of a historic and longstanding senate tradition later, and the media is bound to switch at least some of it's focus.

Thankfully, the age of treating CIA operatives as political pawns is coming to an end. Check out this letter signed by ten former CIA analysts, and addressed to the U.S. Senate. The message is loud and clear - the CIA will not tolerate the RNC and their talking points, or the partisan attacks on Wilson and Plame.

The supreme court nomination of John Roberts is bound to cause a media hailstorm. The republican talking heads continually state that they do not want an activist judge in the Supreme Court, yet the man Bush nominated is an extreme partisan. I have read that this man wants to strike down Roe v. Wade ("Wrongly Decided") and affirmative action laws, and is reflexively anti-environment. I'm somewhat torn on this - we simply cannot allow the Bush Administration to appoint this man without a fight, but we also cannot allow the media or the public at large to lose their focus on the crimes inside the Whitehouse. Thankfully, the CIA is on our side on this one.