Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Let the Game Begin :)

My money is on Texas. I'm hoping for a huge offensive battle. USC has the more explosive offense, but both teams have numbers that are out of this world. Texas dodged a bullet early this season, managing to walk out of Ohio State with a 25-22 win, while USC barely squeaked by Notre Dame earlier this season. Other than those two games, these teams have been dominating. USC has won 34 straight, while Texas has won seventeen in a row. Both teams have scored fifty or more points seven times this season. Wow!

The best two games in the past two years have been the Texas-Michigan Rose Bowl last year, and the Texas-Ohio State matchup early this year.

The Vegas line has USC listed as 7 1/2 point favorites. Some more numbers:

USC is averaging 50 points a game; Texas is averaging 50.9. USC's lowest output is 34; Texas scored fewer than 40 once, at Ohio State.

I'll pick Texas as six point favorites, with a final score of 43-37.