Saturday, October 28, 2006

ESPN Countdown to the Game of the Century

The Game of the Century starts in 509+ hours. Three weeks to go, and the hype continues to grow. I saw a single ticket for $750, which is a bargain, considering the average price is $868. That's still about $700 more than I can afford :) The weather outside is brutal, so I'm almost kind of glad I didn't end up with that free ticket - 37 degrees 30-40 mile winds, rain, and a windchill of 29 degrees.

With the cold rain affecting passing accuracy and ability to catch the ball, Michigan should just line up Hart, Grady, Breaston, Minor, and Carlos Brown behind the line all game, and forget about playing a quarterback or wide receivers. How much fun would be to watch those five guys run runs, end-arounds, screens, and reverses all day long. Michigan could set the all-time collegiate rushing record - although I suppose that might be difficult after all eleven players on the defensive line.

Still no word on Arrington ten minutes before kickoff. I'm guessing he plays. Manningham should return next week, according to ESPN (Music to my ears)

Final prediction (Let's see if I get even one of these totals right)

Michigan 31 - Northwestern 6 (Touchdowns by Hart (x2), Breaston, Carlos Brown)

Hart plays the first half only - 168 yards on 24 carries (7 yards per carry, 2 touchdowns)

Breaston plays the full game - 9 receptions (new career high), 89 yards receiving, 59 punt return for a touchdown, 164 All Purpose Yards

Carlos Brown - 81 yards on 4 carries, 63 yard touchdown

Grady - 8 carries, 31 yards, 1 fumble

Henne - 14 for 18; 151 yards; first half only

Jason Forcier - 7 for 13; 91 yards, second half

Brandon Minor - 11 carries, 44 yards

Greg Matthews - 4 receptions (career high) 23 yards

Carson Butler - 4 receptions (career high) 31 yards

Michigan - 242 yards passing; 324 yards rushing: 566 yards total :)

Michigan defense - 43 yards rushing (64 yards to Tyrell Sutton, -31 yards on TFL, Woodley 3 sacks; Michigan Defense - 6 sacks total)

LOL - I doubt the game will be that fun to watch, but one can wish