Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Will we see Bush's Bulge during the Final Debate?

I can't help it....this is the most interesting story to follow right now :)

The Bush administration has been unable to explain the bulge, and it is the only plausable explanation I can think of for the giant delays in Bush's rebuttals in the first debate. I'm curious to see how this all unfolds tonight....

Will Bush wear his wire today? Now that there is so much public scrutiny on the matter, I doubt the Bush administration will risk it. Expect a nervous and bumbling Bush in tonight's debate. All eyes will be on dubya's back

Quote from famed tailor Frank Shattuck:

"This isn't bad tailoring," he said pointing to the bulge in an Associated Press photo from the second debate. "This suit fits around the neck and has balance, even though it lacks zip and looks like something off the rack from Today's Man."

The Whitehouse has changed their stance on the matter several times ("Flip-flopped", if you will)

First, there was no bulge, although it appeared in televised pictures of the president's back. Second, someone had manipulated the picture to fake the bulge, but it showed up in the original pictures. Third, a spokeswoman said it was most likely a rumpling or a wrinkle, but that didn't account for the rectangular shape. Then the president's tailor said it was a pucker along the jacket's back seam, accentuated when the president crossed his arms and leaned forward. The New Yorker's recent profile of the president's tailor, Georges de Paris, made it clear that the man who has been tailor to every president since Lyndon Johnson was unlikely to leave oddly shaped puckers in a jacket. Finally, the spokeswoman tried to end speculation by declaring, "There was nothing under his suit jacket."

The device most likely worn by President Bush:

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You believed this picture . . .

. . . shouldn't you believe this picture??
Basically, it boils down to this issue...

The Bush Administration convinced the US public that Iraq was an imminent threat. They "Flip-Flopped" on their reasoning quite a bit:
1) First they scared the nation by claiming Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. Our intelligence sources tell us that he has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear weapons production. (OUTRIGHT LIE - AND THEY KNEW IT)

Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent.

-George W Bush, State of the Union Address

There can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more. And he has the ability to dispense these lethal poisons and diseases in ways that can cause massive death and destruction. If biological weapons seem too terrible to contemplate, chemical weapons are equally chilling

-Colin Powell
Address to the U.N. Security Council

We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud

-Condoleeza Rice
National Security Advisor

2) Then they claimed that there were indisputable ties between Saddam and Al Kai

The war on terror, you can't distinguish between al Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the war on terror. And so it's a comparison that is -- I can't make because I can't distinguish between the two, because they're both equally as bad, and equally as evil, and equally as destructive.

-George W Bush (Who still can't distinguish between Saddam and Osama RE: First debate)

We've learned that Iraq has trained al Qaeda members in bomb-making and poisons and deadly gases.

-George W. Bush (Who has closer ties to Osama then Saddam Himself)

3) Then they claimed that America is a Safer Place

-A completely unmeasurable/unquantifiable statement. Let's see...we went 200 years without an attack on the American Soil. Seven months into your presidency, and 2,752 people are dead. You have been singularly responsible for turning Iraq and the middle east into a breeding ground for Anti-American sentiment, and you have turned world favor against the United States. America is most definitely not a safer place!

In conclusion, we invaded Iraq on flimsy intelligence and allegations, which have since proved to be false. The American public is now presented with another situation where we once again have been presented with allegations based on Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Human-Source Intelligence (HUMINT). Who should we choose to believe----An administration that has failed to earn a shred of credibility during the entire 4 years in office, or the eyes and ears of the millions of viewers who watched the debate and witnessed Bush pause for 6-7 seconds before continuing his rebuttals after anxiously calling for each rebuttal like an eight year old school kid.