Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gannongate - Jeff Gannon, Talon News, and GOPUSA may soon become Well-Known Public Knowledge

(Update #1: Louise M. Slaughter, ranking member of the house committee on rules, has published an letter to the President of the United States, George W. Bush concering the Jeff Gannon affair. This should get the media's attention)

(Update #2, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, on MSNBC, is running a special piece on Gannongate. For those of you who haven't followed the Jeff Gannon story closely, this is a great summary of the story. I believe you should be able to find a replay of the broadcast faily soon from MSN Video. As a side if having the Fox News Channel wasn't enough, Olbermann also covers a new form of propaganda from the government, The Pentagon Channel, available for free on the Dish Network)

(Update #3: David Brock, of, makes an appearance on Court-TV to discuss the Jeff Gannon Story. A link to the video is available on the website)

About ten days ago, I began writing about a possible new breaking story, and later followed it up with several additional entries on the topic, including Gannongate - Follow This Story, and President Bush, Jeff Gannon, and Ethics. Well, it appears that this story may now be breaking. Everyone and their mother seems to be searching for Jeff Gannon on the internet today. Traffic on my blog has steadily grown over the past month and half, but it has surged a little today, thanks in large part to a steady stream of visitors searching for information on Jeff Gannon, GOPUSA, Talon News, and Gannongate. Today, it was reported by that Jeff Gannon has quit his job over the controversy. In my opinion, this story is big enough to implicate Bush and Karl Rove in a convoluted plot that could wind up in an impeachment trial for Bush.

The implication is that the Rove outed Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, a CIA agent, who was investigating WMDs. It was Robert Novak, who wrote an article on Plame, who originally outed Plame. At the time, it appeared her name was leaked to Novak out of revenge for Wilson's attempt to reveal the truth concerning the Uranium Yellowcake in Niger. It has been now figured out that this was an malevolent attempt to discredit Wilson as a credible source -- to paint Wilson in the light of a typical Bush dissident. The Bush Administration used Gannon, a planted whitehouse press shill, with no valid credentials, to further the story that Plame was known to the public, in an attempt to alleviate the PR disaster that was beginning to occur.

The entire story was broken on the internet - first by David Brock at, and then by a huge community effort by the people at Daily Thanks again to Daily Kos, it is now breaking that there will soon be a call for a congressional investigation by representative Slaughter:

"According to Hudson, Rep.Slaughter will be calling for a congressional investigation within 48 hours."

Click here for a complete summary of the current story of the Gannon investigation conducted by the Daily Kos. If there is any justice in the world, this story will break, and the media will finally hold the Bush Administration responsible for their actions. The level of dishonesty and corruption apparent in this scandal is enough to bring the entire house of cards that is the Bush Administration tumbling to the ground.