Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Changing Focus of groupThink

I have been struggling with an internal issue - Ineffective Bush-Oriented Focus Remorse. The goal of my blog is to discuss liberal and progressive policies - to show the world a better alternative. Yet, regrettably, I find myself continually focusing on the ineptitude of the Bush Administration. I realize that by contrasting the Bush Administration's policies to the progressive alternative, I may be reaching my goal in a roundabout way - yet, I really wish to strive to make sure that I am not just another political pundit echoing the opinions of others.

I'm not making any promises to quit discussing the Bush Administration entirely, but I do want to change my focus. It is just too easy to fall into the practice of spending the majority of my blogging effort in criticizing the Bush administration.

Instead of focusing on the inept policies and decision making of the Bush Administration - I'd like to focus on refreshing alternatives of progressive/liberal policies. At times this will involve contrasting the policies of the neoconservative movement to the progressive movement. I will continue to frequently study and discuss the Republican Noise Machine, as I believe it defeating the machine will be critical to the success of the progressive movement. I will discuss the Bush agenda on social security, the plans to drill for oil in ANWR, the plans for tax reform and to make permanent the Bush Tax cuts. But I won't stop there. I want to discuss progressive environmental, social and economic policies - to present a better alternative.

Despite the fact that their are already over two million blogs on the net, we should still consider ourselves pioneers in the blogosphere. The blog world will continue to grow in importance in the next few years, which I believe will become a more salient source of information, as the public grows increasingly disenchanted with the corporate-owned mass media coverage. At the moment, given the election outcome, it is a thin hope - but I cannot believe we will continue indefinitely on this march towards madness. As progressive Americans, we must focus on presenting the outcomes of progressive agenda as more desirable alternative to our current course. By continuing to focus on disparaging the Bush Administration and it's follies, we are missing our opportunity to demonstrate the liberal/progressive alternative.