Tuesday, February 15, 2005

If you haven't yet noticed, the groupThink blogroll has grown quiet a bit over the past month. groupThink is now a proud member of the unofficially titled indie 500 - a group of liberal/progressive independent bloggers who want to make a difference.

One blog on the list, Laughing Wild, has taken to task the job of highlighting a daily indie 500 blog of the day (I5BOTD). So far, six blogs have been highlighted by Laughing Wild. With the regrettably short amount of time I had to check out these sites, I have provided my quick take on each of the spotlighted sites below,

Upon Further Review is great - there is some pretty funny writing on the site.

Overspun - Another funny site. Be sure to check out the nuke sites comparison, which is a riot.

Freedom Camp - I hadn't previously followed the plight of the Montserrat refugees, or heard of the petitionthem.com website. Freedom Camp is doing good work - amazing for a site up for less than two months.

Mr. Furious - I loved Mystery Men - clever name. Looks like another blogger from good ol' Ann Arbor.

From the Ministry of Truth - Good Title, Great Blog. I think this blog is going to end up on my daily reading list.

The Disgruntled Chemist - This blog is right up my ally - discussing science alongside politics, something the Bush Administration has done precious little of.

Nebraskan Liberation Front - Check out this entry on Hannity & Bennet lying about Social Security, and this entry on the analysis of Bush's Social Security privatization plan. The right continue to lie about Social Security. Also be sure to check out Al Franken's treatise on Brit Hume's misrepresentation of quotes from FDR, and subsequent call for the resignation, or at least a public apology from Hume.