Friday, July 22, 2005

Rove, Libby both lied to special prosecutor Fitzgerald

It's over...Even if Rove's crimes aren't specifically covered by the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, the Espionage Act, Executive Order 12958, or any number of other laws that may have been broken, it looks like we at least have him on perjury or obstruction of justice.


Bloomberg: Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters
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The Raw Story: Bloomberg Reveals Rove, Libby Gave False Testimony

Given what we now know about the state department memo (marked (s) for secret), the call between Novak and Fleischer, the passenger list of the flight to Africa, and the testimony of Matthew Cooper, and the president's refusal to fire a staffer responsible for the leaking of a CIA operative over partisan politics, the credibility of the Whitehouse is at an alltime low. Couple the facts surrounding the Plame leak with the fact that it was used as evidence to start an unnecessary war and the recent Downing Street Memo revelations, and you can see how big this story really is -- Should an administration responsible for declaring an illegal war based on false pretences and then attempting to cover it up through a smear campaign really be holding the office of president in the most powerful nation on Earth? Should they even be allowed to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice - given that he might serve for another 20-30 years, and we might be witnessing an impeachment trial within the next year? This scandal is an incredible abuse of power, and the American people must demand more from their president.