Saturday, February 18, 2006

An upset of Olympic proportions!

This is the first time that Switzerland has ever beaten Canada. Two goals for Sault Ste. Marie native Paul Dipietro, and an insane performance by goaltender Matrin Gerber, was the difference. The crowd just unveiled a huge Swiss flag that is covering half the crowd.

Summary of the upsets and surprises so far in these Olympic Games:

Switzerland 2 - Canada 0 (Upset Rating: 10 / 10 - Canada outshot the Swiss 24-1 in the 3rd period alone, but it wasn't enough. Two Canadian goals were disallowed by the ref, but give the Swiss a well-deserved win)

USA 3 - Latvia 3 (Upset Rating 9 / 10 - A team with only one NHL player, goaltender Arters Irbe, managed to tie an NHL All-Star Team)

Russia 1 - Kazakhstan 0 (Surprise Rating 8 / 10 - just the fact that this game was so close is a huge surprise to me)

Switzerland 3 - Czech Republic 2 (Upset Rating; 8 / 10 - This Swiss team is for real)

Slovakia 5 - Russia 3 (Upset Rating 4 / 10 - The Slovaks have a talented lineup, but they shouldn't really be considered to be on the same level as the Russian team)

Switzerland is through the toughest part of their schedule (Finland, Czech Republic, Canada) with an amazing 2-1 record. Now, they get two relatively easy games, against Italy and Germany. The 5-0 win over the Swiss by Finland now looks huge. With the way Martin Gerber played today (49 save shutout), you have to seriously consider the Swiss as a medal contender.