Monday, May 15, 2006

Jon Stewart on NSA Wiretapping

Did you just see that montage on the Daily Show - all Fox News clips trying to defend the president and the NSA surveillance program. Hilarious - "Sure there collecting our phone calls, but wouldn't you rather that than collecting our remains?"

The US Government is trying to quash the $50-100 billion lawsuits against the telcos, stating that such a case will disclose "state secrets" and it is in the interest of national security not to do so. They are invoking the infrequently used States Secrets Privilege, which has been used several times since 9/11.

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I love the fact that Stewart invoked the infamous "I did not have sexual relations with that Wiretapping Scandal" quote, which helps to shine a mirror on how ridiculous the Clinton scandal was compared to the seriousness to this affront on American Civil Liberties. With McClellan resigning, Rove indicted, Cheney under fire, this insane NSA scandal, and popularity polls below 30%, (not to mention so many other scandals which are simply too numerous to mention) can impeachment really be that far off?