Friday, November 17, 2006

RIP, Bo Schembechler

Edit: It's tough to find just the right words to say on the subject. Brian, from mgoblog, has expressed it better than I can hope to. See Eleven Swans.

A sad day, but also a great day to remember the greatest coach in Michigan football. He had a heart attack in 1970, and another one in 1987, so this was a long time coming, but it is incredibly hard to take for football fans. Bo Schembechler lived for the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry - while he was coach, his team reviewed tapes of Ohio State every week of the season in preparation for the big game. He was the Michigan coach, during the "Ten Years War", while legend Woody Hayes was the Ohio State coach.

Bo Schembechler started his career working as an assistant for Woody Hayes, and he titled his autobiography "Woody and Me". Woody passed away in 1987. It's somehow fitting the Bo passed away during the weekend of the biggest game in Michigan/Ohio State history, while the entire national spotlight is on the rivalry. ESPN is going to spend the entire day covering Bo Schembechler's life story.

Bo was not planning on attending the game, since his health prevented him from attending away games, but I'm sure he was looking forward to watching this game. His last public comments were at a press conference earlier this week. You can listen to audio from the press conference at

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ESPN just had a helicopter shot of the Michigan Football teams buses departing for Columbus, OH. The biggest game in the history of college football just took a backseat to a football legend. The memory of Bo Schembechler will weight heavy on the hearts of everyone at the game tomorrow, as the legend of Bo and Woody lives on during another chapter in the most storied rivalary in all of sports.