Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Random News Tid-Bits #1

A new website, created by a bunch of cousins and relatives of
President bus, has opened. The website contains a family tree, and a
list of reasons as to why President Bush should not be re-elected.
The website address is:

Walmart is refusing to carry John Stewart's new best selling book,
America. (291 to 247) and (276 to 262) are both
currently predicting that Kerry will win based on current polls.

Most polls, including the New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Zogby, and
Rasmussen have the two candidates in a statistical tie. ABC News gives
Kerry a slight lead (50% to 47%), while a Fox News poll gives Bush
(49% to 47%) a slight edge A recent Gallup/CNN/USA Today poll appears
way out in right field, with an 8 point lead for Bush. The Gallup
polls are almost always skewed to the right when compared to other
national polls.

Recent Quotes:

Matt Damon, at the Berlin premiere of "The Bourne Supremacy": "I would
pay $1 million to have Kerry in the White House.'' (The Boston Herald)

Sting, to a German newspaper this week: "[I'd] rather vote for a
chimpanzee than Bush." (Rush and Molloy)