Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Bush Administration is probably wishing that Bloggers didn't exist

bloggers are going to change the world...Big Media isn't doing there job anymore, so bloggers are here to take their place. The difference between bloggers and the mass media, is that in the blogosphere, news spreads like wildfire. Any new story that breaks out suddenly has the eyes and analysis of thousands, if not millions, if inquiring minds.

The big media didn't try to touch the Bush Buldge story because they knew there was no way they could ever get proof of the incident. What are you going to do? Ask the president to take his jacket off? of course not...and he knew it.

It is much harder to try and pull off voting fraud. It's another 34days before the president is officially elected, and you can bet that hundreds of thousands of minds are going to be digging through the electoral results, pulling out any irregularities that may point toward mistakes or voting fraud.

It's a cool world we live in, isn't it?