Sunday, November 07, 2004

Building the case for Impeachment - Primary Motivational Factors of the Iraqi War

What was the primary motivation for the Iraqi war? Before the war began, the Bush Administration sited two major factors that convinced the American Public that we should go to war:

1) Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction -- here is a link of Bush's famous Mushroom Cloud as a Smoking Gun Speech.

2) Iraq has irrefutable connections to Al Qaeda

The 9/11 Commission slammed both of these statements -- It was determined that there simply was no evidence to support the motivations for war originally given by the Bush Administration. This should be a slam dunk -- they lied about why they were going to war, and they got caught in their lie. Why wasn't there an immediate impeachment trial?

After the 9/11 commission report, the Bush administration adjusted their stance on the motivation for war -- It was now "We are liberating the people of Iraq from the oppression of Saddam's regime" Okay --- well....why didn't you say that in the first place? Why are you calling this a "War on Terror"

For a better understanding of the administration's motivations, we need to take a look at the actions of the US Army once the invasion began. Once the invasion began, what was the first thing the US went for and guarded? Why, it was the Oil Fields. Even Fox News proudly described the US troops setting up camp to prevent the Iraqis from burning the fields in protest.

So, now the news comes out that the US failed to guard the Al Qaaqaa munitions dump after the invasion began. How does this relate? Well, it shows us where the US Administration's priorities were when the war began.

The war was supposed to be about removing the WMDs from the Iraqis. The Al Qaaqaa weapons cache was well known to the UN weapons inspectors, and the United States was informed of the location of this cache.

The Bush Administration tried to downplay the importance of the missing weapons, stating that they were missing before they ever got there. Then, they tried to say that the weapons were destroyed on April 13th. But, guess what? They were lying through their teeth....

It turns out an embedded journalist was with a unit that investigated the Al Qaaqaaq weapons cache on April 18th, 5 days after they were supposedly destroyed.

Take a look at these clips:

Exclusive video of Iraq explosives getting nationwide attention

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS video may be linked to missing explosives in Iraq

So, here we have it. Video evidence that proves the Bush Administration was lying to the American public about the missing weapons. Here are a few more links on the story:

Troops Witness Looting
This article informs us that troops visiting Al Qaaqaa witnessed heavy looting of the weapons cache, and requested help in guarding the facilities. No response was ever provided.

Missing Missiles in Iraq could total 4,000 -
A short Reuters article stating that up to 4,000 shoulder - mounted rockets may also be missing from the Al Qaaqaa facility.

Taken individually, these stories may not amount to much, but, taken together, they begin to paint a picture of a wicked and corrupt Bush Administration that is not at all concerned with the war in terror, but is instead motivated by ensuring that that American economic growth, driven by high energy usage, is able to continue unabated, rather than by a "War on Terror". The fact that the US Army was stationed to guard the Oil Fields, while a munitions dump, containing substances used in the development of nuclear weapons, was left unguarded should be enough to show the true motivations of the Bush Administration. Couple this with the huge conflict of interest represented by the fact that Halliburton, one of the Bush Administration's top political contributors, was awarded 7 BILLION dollars in no-bid contracts in the war rebuilding effort, and you should be able to put together a pretty good picture of where the Bush Administration's true motivations lie.

Bush said it himself, when discussing Osama Bin Laden: "To tell you the truth, I'm not really that concerned about him" Bush is not fighting a "War on Terror" He is fighting a war that will preserve the environment-raping, profit driven US economy for an additional 10 years. Rather than fight this war -- this country should be focusing on the issues that truly matter -- like: Why are we using so much energy, in such an inefficient manner?

Would the people of this country truely support this war if they knew that there was an alternative: i.e. learning to reduce energy expenditure by using public transportation, walking or biking to work, building an infrastructure of renewable energy production (solar and wind)

As a country, we need to learn how to grow up. Can our current political structure ever support a society of informed citizens, and a political body capable of making responsible decisions. I don't know....I sure hope so. It is my dream that the internet and the power of blogging allow Americans to share their hopes and ideas in such a way, so that we can one day rid this country of the corporate-sponsoring, campaign lobbying, special interest group hugging politics that American Politics has become. In the meantime, we still have the "Bush Administration" to deal with before we can begin the healing.