Saturday, October 30, 2004

COMEBACK COMPLETE!!!! (Michigan 45 - Michigan State 37)

That was an amazing game! I am definately calling that the greatest game I have ever seen. Final Score: Michigan 45 - Michigan State 37. Wow...everything had to go exactly right in the fourth quarter. Amazing performances all around....Braylon Edwards, Mike Hart, Chris Henne all put together career performances in the second half of the game.

Edwards fumbled the ball early in the third quarter, with Michigan State leading 17-10, just as Michigan looked like it was gaining momentum, and about to tie the game. You could see the look in Edwards eyes -- he knew it was an important play -- and he was determined to make the difference if he had the chance -- and, boy, did he ever.

From that point, Michigan State pulled ahead 27-10, and the game was looking out of reach. With 6:31 remaining, Michigan looked unable to make a big play, with not enough time remaining for 3 scores.

Suddenly, Edwards snags a 43 yard bomb. Michigan then scores a fieldgoal. The next play, Michigan went for an onside kick, and PULLED IT OFF. Next play, another long bomb to Edwards -- 37 yards -- and he pulls it off the defender's helmet, and held on for the touchdown.

Michigan then punted to Michigan State, and the defence got the job done, forcing state to punt. Mike Hart ran the ball 26 yards, to put Michigan in position for another big play. On the next play, the comeback was complete -- a 22 yard pass to Braylon Edwards, and we have a tie ball game.

Overtime was a nail-biting affair -- An amazing comeback had been undertaken, and now every play was of utmost importance. In the second overtime, Michigan State scored a touchdown, and it started to get tense. On third down, Henne connected with Avant, and Rivas kicked the extra point to once again tie the game.

Michigan started the third overtime with the ball, and faced a 3rd and 9 on the opening drive. Henne connected with Edwards, who scored his 3rd touchdown of the game. Michigan was forced to go for the two point conversion, and Henne found Massaquoi between two defenders.

In the end, Michigan's defense once again got the job done, and Michigan was finally able to relax after pulling off the greatest home comebackin Michigan's history.

Overall, Michael hart had 31 carries for 224 yards and a touchdown (3 straight 200+ yard games, and over 800 yards in his past 4 games. If he keeps this up, he may even get some Heisman votes. I think he is going to take the Big 10 rushing yards title, and he may even be able to challange for the national title)

Braylon Edwards had an absolutely huge game. He simply made the plays when they needed him to get the job done -- including three amazing catches near the end of the game. Overall, Edwards caught 11 passes for 189 yards, and 3 touchdowns.

Henne again showed the composure unheard of for a freshman quarterback. Henne was 24-35, with 281 yards and 4 touchdowns. Also important was the fact that he threw 0 interceptions this week.

With the win, Michigan improves to 8-1 overall (6-0 in the big ten) There are two games remaining -- one against Northwestern, and one against Ohio State. Michigan has a share of the conference lead, but must rely on Iowa, Minnesota or Michigan State to play the spoiler role and defeat the Wisconsin Badgers. If the two teams remain undefeated, Wisconsin will take the Big Ten championship, based on the fact that Michigan has a non-conference loss.