Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Political Daily Briefing (PDB)

The Daily Show had a great piece on the upcoming Iraqi Election last night. Is the Bush Administration serious about this? As Rob Corddry says in the piece, voters will be choosing from a list of over 8,000 candidates from over 270 political parties. 'My favorite is the "Preliminary Iraq Polling" segment...absolutely classic comedy.

Corddry "As you can see, things are beginning to heat up. Currently, the Iraqi Unity Party seems to be sitting pretty with a strong eight tenths of one percent support. But, John, anything can happen in a week, but this was interesting. The Islamic party now losing ground to the unbelievably Islamic part..."

The visual chart that went along with this segment is priceless - a pie chart, divided into hundreds of tiny fragments, with labels that are too small to read.

Those running in the election are too frightened to publicly reveal their names, because of the likelihood that they will get shot. Voters have been intimidated into not showing up, since the risk being shot by snipers who have threatened to surround the polling stations.

There exists a possibility that more people will actually cast their vote outside of Iraq than inside, thanks to about 75 polling stations situated in 14 countries, including stations in five major cities within the United States.


A big cheer goes out to the democratic party, for finally developing a spine in the Condoleeza Rice affirmation hearing. Condi "Don't impune my integrity" Rice, was drilled by an organized and efficient team of democrats, who publicly revealed the many holes in the fabricated story that is the Bush Administration's justification for the Iraqi war. There is little doubt that Condi will be affirmed, which is a shame, but I am very happy to see that democrats are starting to press the administration, and provide a public voice that needs to be heard.

Thank you very much, Senators Levin, Dayton, Kennedy, Bayh, Boxer and Byrd, Durbin and Reed. The new leader of the democratic party has emerged - Sen. Barbara Boxer. Take a minute to visit the new President Boxer blog. You can tell that the Boxer movement is growing, because O'Reilly now includes Boxer's name every time he rhymes off a list of public representatives he wishes to discredit.

Look out, Alberto Gonzales...you're next. The republicans better think twice about trying to vote in this weasel. A vote for Gonzales is a public vote on record stating that you condone torture. The people of the United States, the people of Iraq, and the people of the world deserve better than this.