Friday, January 28, 2005

The Right's Continuous Campaign to Discredit Dissension

Did you ever notice how obvious this is? In recent weeks, the neoconservative movement has been stumbling with the revelation of propaganda and payola scandals. Instead of admitting the mistake, the right goes on the offensive. How many times have you heard the name "George Soros" brought up in the news in the past few weeks. Instead of admitting their mistakes, the right attempts to downplay the seriousness of the charges by implying "hey, we're not the only ones that do it".

I hear continual cries of "liberal bias" and "propaganda" from the neoconservative press. Why is that? It is the right that is engaged in bias and propaganda, openly lying and spreading misinformation. By continually decrying bias and propaganda, they create a smokescreen for their own malevolent behavior. Painting the donations of George Soros as a vast left-wing conspiracy is an attempt to downplay any potential complaint of malpractice from left and moderate sources.

This dishonest behavior spreads into all fields of the political spectrum. The right contends that the liberals and progressives of this country are all in favor of a big government, yet it is the right that wishes to impose their set of moral standards into official legislature.

The right casts the left as "tax and spend" and fiscally irresponsible liberals. Yet the track record of the past twenty-five years show that it is the neoconservatives that are fiscally irresponsible. Interest spending on the accumulated national debt is now costing this country over $300 Billion per year. At the rate the deficit is growing under the Bush Administration, this country is now in jeopardy of falling into a fiscal crisis. In fact, the United Nations recently implored the entire world to join together to help save the US Economy. We are now a charity case thanks to the neoconservative movement.

Rush Limbaugh has been campaigning to decry the democratic party as racist for not freely voting yes in the confirmation hearings of Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales. The message here is that the republican party is offering up a black and/or Hispanic appointee -- If your party is supposed to be concerned with civil rights, and the upwards mobility of minorities, you better make sure you confirm the nominations from the Republican Party. This practice is known as "race-baiting", and does a disservice to the black and Hispanic communities. Race was simply not an issue in these confirmation hearings, and to play the race card at this stage is shameful. Does Limbaugh really take his audience for such simpletons, or is he really that simple-minded himself?

Finally, I'd like to end with the subject of continually portraying the liberal/progressive movement as "far out of the mainstream". What is the "mainstream" supposed to be anyways, and what is with the right's continual insistence in defining it? This is simply another attempt to persuade the American public into thinking that neoconservative thinking is the only logical political philosophy. Look around you, people. As a bumper sticker I noticed the other day proclaims, "If You're not outraged, your not paying attention". The Bush Administration is pulling the rug out from under the American people, and they are either to lazy or occupied to care.