Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blogosphere 1 Mainstream Media 0

...not like anyone is keeping score, anyway, but the blogosphere collectively landed one whale of a scoop with Gannongate, and the story is about to break big time. The Raw Story has the scoop on a privately circulated letter among democratic senators, initiated by Sen. Durbin, urging President Bush to initiate an investigation into Gannongate.

With support from the majority of democratic Senate, President Bush will not be able to simply ignore this letter. The investigation will have to go forward, and we will learn the truth of Gannon's involvement in the Thume/Daschle race, PlameGate, RatherGate, Shock & Awe, and how he was ever granted a whitehouse press pass, circumventing whitehouse security, which is allegedly purported to be major priority of the Bush Administration.

In any case, we are all urged to contact our local senate representatives, and to encourage them to sign on to the Durbin letter. Gannongate cannot be allowed to die.

This Sen. Durbin story has also been mentioned on Daily Kos and AmericaBlog. The full text of the letter can be found on the original Raw Story article.