Friday, February 18, 2005

Jeff Gannon (AKA James D. Guckert), Rove, PlameGate, RatherGate - it's all coming apart

This Jeff Gannon story keeps getting bigger. With congress calling for an investigation, and the mainstream media picking up this story, we are in for a very big story. A quick summary of what we know so far:
  • James D. Guckert (AKA Jeff Gannon) - A gay, male prostitute, who runs an escort service, and had absolutely no journalism credentials, was granted whitehouse press credentials, even though legitimate journalists from established news organizations like CBS and ABC are regularly denied access. Why was this man allowed in the Whitehouse?
  • It is obvious that the CIA did not conduct a background check on Jeff Gannon, which is required in order for a whitehouse press reporter to be granted a press pass. For starters, Gannon is not even his real name. Married female whitehouse press reporters are required to use their maiden name, so there is no excuse for allowing J.D. Guckert to go by a pseudonym, unless they were deliberately trying to hide his past
  • Video evidence from C-Span archives shows Gannon in the whitehouse press room in February 2003, with a hard pass. Talon News was not established until March 2003, and did not start regular publishing of articles until April 2003.
  • When questioned about Gannon, whitehouse press secretary Scott McClellan claimed that Gannon appeared to work for a legitimate news organization that was regularly published, and was granted daily passes, rather than a hard pass. Both video evidence and firsthand accounts from other whitehouse press reporters directly contradict these claims, as it appears that Gannon had a hard pass before Talon News even existed
  • Talon News was created to establish a back-story cover for Gannon, and is funded by GOPUSA. GOPUSA, is run by Bobby Eberle

And now for the big news items:

  • Plame-Gate and Jeff Gannon are directly linked - Gannon has seemingly self-implicated in interviews, referring to memos that were supposed to be CIA-Classified material. Gannon was instrumental in discrediting ambassador Joseph Wilson when he attempted to directly contradict President Bush's use of the yellowcake uranium as evidence of Iraq's WMD program. The leaking of Valerie Plame's identity was an act bordering on treason.
  • New evidence indicates that Gannon was also instrumental in the development of RatherGate. New evidence seems to indicate that the forged documents used by Dan Rather actually originated from directly within the Whitehouse, and were later used to frame Dan Rather. It appears that Jeff Gannon was used by the Whitehouse to ID Mapes, and was responsible in helping leading the trail away from the Whitehouse by appearing on Hannity & Colmes and providing false information. See this diary from the Daily Kos for more information on this developing story.
  • Jeff Gannon also played a pivotal role in the Daschle/Thume race, releasing a derogatory story about Daschle in coordination with a Thume campaign add. It appears that the neocons were using Gannon as an outlet to play out their political strategies.
  • CBS News has released a story implicating a direct connection between Karl Rove and Jeff Gannon.