Thursday, June 16, 2005

Downing Street Minutes Hearing (John Conyers) on C-Span 3

The Downing Street Minutes Hearing, initiated by John Conyers, is currently airing on C-Span 3. Powerful stuff. If you don't have cable, you can also watch the hearings online here. So far, we have seen testimony from ambassador Joseph Wilson, Cindy Sheehan of the Goldstar families for Peace, Ray McGovern, a Former CIA Analyst, and some stunning testimony from John Bonifaz, the author of Warrior King: The Case for Impeachment of George W. Bush and administrator of

Bonifaz has introduced a strong case for the impeachment of the president based on the unconstitutionality of the administration's action of declaring war on a sovereign nation based upon a lie. In presenting false information to congress and to the American People, the president committed a treasonous act, and there is strong precedence for impeachment based on these actions. Bonifaz presented statements from of the founding fathers of our nation and many historical figures on the basis for impeachment. One basis for the case if the False Statements of Accountability Act in 1996. The basis of impeachment comes down to abuse of power and serious misconduct on the part of the president.