Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Continued Observations on Free Mark Philosophy - Summary

Recently, I have been working on a series of articles devoted to studying the ideology of free market fundamentalism that is currently sweeping the United States. For reference, I have summarized recent entries in the series below:

The Free Market Mentality - The Neoconservative/Libertarian Pipe Dream begins by looking at the fallacy in the reductionism of the neoconservative movement, and the failure of the right to recognize the imprudence in failing to recognize the significance of the impending energy crisis.

Continued Observations on Free Mark Philosophy looks at the ever increasing demands placed individuals in American society, and the continual relaxation of regulations on corporate behavior.

The Neoconservative Agenda and the Mainstream Media - Logic Need Not Apply begins to examine the effect that the marketplace has had on journalism in America. To anyone truly following current events in America, it should be obvious that we no longer have an independent media concerned with presenting the truth. Instead, we have a bought and paid for media, intent only on making a profit and selling the corporate agenda.

Corporatism, Wal*Mart, Halliburton and the Free Market - Studies the results of unregulated free market fundamentalism in a case study of Wal*Mart -- A corporation that is now the single largest employer in the United States.

Finally, Continued Observations on Free Mark Philosophy, Part Two - Health Care began a discussion on the current state of health care in the United States. The next article in the series will continue the discussion of health care policy and the free market.