Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rove implicated in Plame Leak

Things are about to get ugly. According to Lawrence O'Donnell, senior MSNBC political analyst, Karl Rove was the one responsible for the Valerie Plame leak, which will soon be revealed now that the source documents used by Matt Cooper were released by Time Magazine. Sources: Editor and Publisher, Daily Kos)

This revelation has very serious implications for the Bush Administration. For one, Rove has already testified in front of a Federal Grand Jury on the Valerie Plame case. If his testimony does not corroborate with this newfound evidence, Rove may be guilty of perjury. The same goes for Robert Novak, the pundit who initially leaked Plame's identity to the public.

President Bush's popularity is already at an all-time low. Recent polls have consistently shown Bush's approval rating in the 39-44% range (Bloomburg, CBS News) A recent Zogby poll showed that 42% of Americans favor impeachment of President George W. Bush (Zogby). That 42% comes without widespread media coverage of the Downing Street Memos, which will further the clamor for impeachment.

As Bush's chief political advisor, Karl Rove is very high up in the chain of command. If the news spreads that Bush's chief political advisor was responsible for the leaking of the identity of a CIA agent, primarily in an attempt to discredit a man trying to speak the truth, attempting to point out the deceit of the Bush administration and possibly arrest the declaration an unnecessary war, things could get very ugly very fast.

The leaking of Valerie Plame's identity was a massive abuse of power, and potentially, an act of treason. After Rove is officially implicated in this mess, the next big question is who revealed the identity of Plame to Karl Rove. Once the tangled web of deceit begins to come apart, it will become quite difficult for conspiracy to remain intact. It may well be that the Vice President, Dick Cheney is implicated in this affair as well, since it was the Office of the Vice President that appointed Wilson to the task of investigating the yellowcake uranium story in Niger.

The Jeff Gannon/J.D. Guckert story may also come back into the picture. Previously, it was rumored that Gannon had access to confidential documents that revealed Plame's source. Once it becomes apparent where the leak initially started from, it will be interesting to learn how Gannon was granted access to the confidential documents.

With the mess in Guantanamo, the administrations refusal to release the documents that are preventing the proceeding of Bolton's nomination vote, the missing $8 billion in Iraq reconstruction money, the Iraqi quagmire, the inability to push through social security reform, and the continual decline in Bush's approval rating, it sure looks like we are witnessing the beginnings of a lame duck presidency.