Saturday, September 17, 2005

Which Michigan will we see today?

It looks like Michigan is missing five starters to injury. The offensive line is again missing several starters, and they will be without Tim Massaquoi and Mike Hart again today.

The key question is how Chad Henne will respond after a poor performance last week. In the previous game, Henne looked distracted and made many poor decisions throughout the game. I think we will see a resurgent Henne today. I can't see Henne allowing himself to play two poor games in a row. Look for Henne to rely on his big receivers, Jason Avant and Steve Breaston a lot more today.

I'm guessing that Kevin Grady will get the start at running back today. Eastern Michigan is a smaller team, so this should be a good chance for Grady to pick up some confidence in playing college-level football.

On the defense, I really hope we see the same level of performance that we saw in the second half of the game against Notre Dame, where they gave up only 57 yards. Eastern Michigan's quarterback, Bohnet, is supposed to be yet another mobile quarterback, with over 5 yards rushing per carry. Michigan needs to stop the run today.

Wow -- what a run by Steve Breaston on that punt return. It looked like he didn't have much to work with, but he weaved and bobbed his way all they way to the ten yard line. That's what I'm talking about.

I guess I was wrong about Grady - Max Martin got the start, and just scored the first TD of the game. Michigan has some great depth at running back, and it's probably a good idea to patient with Kevin Grady.