Thursday, November 30, 2006


GO BRUINS! I'm still hanging on to faint hopes of a UCLA upset. I spent all of last weekend watching the remaining national title contenders, and hoping for the impossible. Last weekend started out okay with LSU knocking Arizona out of national title contention, although they didn't really have much of a shot anyways. FSU had a decent shot at an upset, but the offense played just well enough to lose. The high point of the game was when Florida State cornerback Michael Garvin kickoff return appeared to have tied the game at 21, but it was called back to the FSU 48 when it was revealed that he stepped an inch out of bounds. Oh well - those in power have decided that Florida is out of the title hunt anyways.

I really wasn't that impressed with USC. They tried to give the game away, but Notre Dame was simply unable to put points on the board, regardless of the seemingly endless number of chances they had in the red zone towards the end of the first half.

If it wasn't for the onside kick returned for a touchdown, the score would've been 37-24, and perhaps the entire country doesn't jump on USC's bandwagon. I bet half the sportswriters in the country didn't stay up to watch the game, took one look at the 44-24 score, and declared USC the new coke. I can't help but feel that if Notre Dame scores in one of those red zone possessions near the end of the first half, the score stays close, and Michigan holds on to the #2 ranking.

I guess I can't complain too much - Michigan had a chance to get the job done themselves, and came up a little short. They managed to keep close, but the combination of a seemingly unstoppable Troy Smith, an incredibly sloppy playing field, a less-than-100% burgess, an injury early on to Barringer, a lack of depth in the secondary, and an unwillingness to adjust to these conditions until the end of the half was just too much for the offense to overcome.

If the Wolverines are resigned to the Rose Bowl, I really, really, really hope that we do not see a rematch against Notre Dame. As one of the biggest Wolverine fans around, I still think I'd have a hard time getting up for that matchup, and I feel like the players would feel the same way. The recent rumors of a Michigan-LSU matchup have me salivating. LSU has been just under the radar all season long, but they are one of the best teams in college football. With all the talk of this being a down year in the Big Ten, and all the accolades going to the PAC10 and SEC, I'd like to see OSU, Michigan and Wisconsin represent during the bowl season. Wisconsin accepted a Capitol One bid, and won't know who they play, but it looks like Arkansas may have the inside track at the moment.

If the Big Ten wins all three of these matchups, they lay claim to the strongest conference title:

#1 OSU vs. #2 USC
#3 Michigan vs. #5 LSU
#7 Wisconsin vs. #8 Arkansas