Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Department of Funny #1

Throughout the week, I stumble upon at least one hilarious web page or video almost every day. Rather than keeps these sites all to myself, I have decided to share their comedy goodness with all of you.

If you've followed or heard about the Florida voting scandals at all, this clip is hilarious:

(If not, you should really get out from under that rock)

From the department of anything you say in a debate might end up becoming a website:


An awesome clip put together for the RNC by the Daily Show --
hilarious. Even if you've seen it before, I recommend a second
viewing for a good, hearty laugh. (This video is about 5 minutes long)

Jon Stewart's appearance on 60 Minutes. (This video is about 5 minutes long)

If you haven't seen Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire, you owe it to yourself to find a copy of the file to view. This clip is very entertaining -- Stewart basically takes over the show, and calls out the hosts on not doing their jobs. Stewart claims that they are ruining America, and makes a very persuading case while doing that. Jon Stewart has taken some heat for the appearance -- many complain that he hides behind the premise of "Fake News", even though he has an astounding influence on the political perspectives of much of the younger demographic in America.

I, for one, think that Jon Stewart is the most entertaining person on television. I find myself agreeing with almost everything he says, and would even go so far as to say that I would vote for him if he ever ran for office. Of course, Stewart would consider such a thought absolutely ludicrous -- I mean, he's a comedian, for gosh sakes -- but, he does seem to have his finger firmly on the pulse of what drives America. He's amazingly quick-witted -- he surely doesn't need a speechwriter, or a hidden ear piece -- he's able to walk all over anybody he wants when it comes to a one-on-one interview....and, mostly, he holds strong political opinions, and he has a very good grasp on the way this country should be run.

Anyways, you should be able to find a copy of the crossfire clip somewhere. This looks like a good starting point: