Saturday, October 30, 2004

Big Ten Update

It's a very windy day here in Ann Arbor. I'm talking 35+ mile per hour winds....stuff is blowing all over the place. Look for both teams to run the ball a lot today, and look for Hart to be the difference. 600 yards in the last 3 games.

It's the last play of the game for Purdue -- in a shocker, down 13-10 to Northwestern. Stubblefield just dropped an easy pass to set up a tying field goal. Will Purdue win it with a final desperate Hail Mary?

oh....incomplete....he had it in his hands in the end zone, but the defender stripped it out. What an exciting finish. Orton sat out the 4th quarter.

Ohio State pulled out a 21-10 victory vs. Penn State

Minnesota (23) is down 20-14 to Indiana in the second quarter. Is this another potential upset in the making?