Friday, November 12, 2004

Election Result Overturned (Diebold Accuvote 2000 ES Optical Scan Model)

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Computer Glitch Changes Election Result

A manual hand recount overturned the election results of the county commisioner's race in Indiana's Franklin County. Originally, it was announced that a republican candidate had won, but after conducting a hand recount, the result was overturned, and a democratic candidate took his place.

The election was recorded using a Diebold Accuvote 2000 ES system, which is one of the optical scan models.

They are already claiming this was an isolated incident...even though no explanation for the problem has been provided. The damage has been done. Given the easily hackable nature of Diebold voting machines, I almost feel like they should begin auditing many of precincts in the country that used Diebold Accuvote systems. As I have demonstrated in my blog, it is probably useless to audit the votes that used the Diebold Accuvote Touch Screen machines, since there is little hope of finding the original results if they have been tampered with.