Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What Might Have Been

If you've been following the goings of the Michigan Wolverines, you may have noticed that two things happened this weekend that greatly increased the Wolverine's championship chances:

A) Michigan handedly won their game against Northwestern, 42-20, to improve to 7-0 in the Big Ten, and 9-1 overall

B) Michigan State soundly defeated previously undefeated Wisconsin, 49-14. With the loss, Wisconsin fell to 6-1 in the Big Ten, and 9-1 overall. Since Michigan didn't play Wisconsin at all this season, they had to hope that either Michigan State or Iowa could beat the badgers, giving the Wolverines sole possession of the big ten lead.

After starting the season slowly, with a 2nd week loss to Notre Dame, Michigan has put together a very impressive 8 game winning streak, including come from behind victories vs. Minnesota, Purdue, and Michigan State. There is an article on ESPN about the Wolverines season:


The article begins with Braylon Edwards wondering "What Might have been". This season has been about the development and emergence of Michael Hart and Chad Henne as freshman sensations in the big ten. If Braylon Edwards was eligible to come back for one more year, or if Hart and Henne had arrived on the scene on year earlier, I think this team would have won the national title. Last season, Michigan made it to the Rose Bowl, but lost to USC, arguably the best team in the nation. This season, Michigan can avenge the loss with a Rose Bowl win, which would probably leave them ranked in the top 3 in the final national rankings.

This season, Ohio State got off to a slow start, and currently stands at 6-4. Despite the fact that they are in the middle of the pack, you can bet they will put up a great fight. Michigan will be playing on the road in Ohio State, which is one of the toughest places to win in the country.

So, now it has come down to one final week...the biggest game of the year is once again a matchup against perennial rival Ohio State.