Saturday, October 01, 2005

Michigan Pulls Out The Win

Well, I managed to call the spread exactly, forecasting a 31-28 Michigan victory, which turned out to be the true margin of victory, as Michigan pulled out a 34-31 overtime win. The difference today was Michael Hart. The Michigan defense has played well enough to win each of the last three games, but the offence has been sputtering. Hart truly is an impressive athlete, and this offensive threat was the missing element for the Wolverines over the past three weeks.

Does Michigan have what it takes to salvage this season? With a healthy Hart, the Wolverines have what it takes to run the table and win the last six games of the season, which should be enough to win the Big Ten title, but they have put themselves in a tough situation. The next three games don't get much easier, with matchups against Minnesota, Penn State, and Iowa. Penn State just pulled off a big 44-14 victory of Minnesota today, and is a perfect 5-0, so that game is not going to be an automatic.

I still think that ruled fumble on the Henne pass was a bad call, but after reviewing the official NCAA rule book, if there is contact during the backward motion of the pass (which there was), it should be ruled a fumble. In any case, Michigan pulled out the win, so I guess I don't have to anguish over it.