Saturday, December 02, 2006

USC bows out; Go Razerbacks!

Wow! What an upset! UCLA pulls off the miracle win, and renews Michigan's chances at a national championship in one fell swoop. What a defensive performance by the Bruins, capped by a tipped ball, and an interception by Eric McNeal. It's down to Michigan and Florida, and the Wolverines have the inside track, since they have a decent edge in the BCS standings.

If Florida pulls out a win in the SEC championship, it will come down to style points. You have to assume that Michigan and Florida would split the #2 votes up for grabs, and Michigan would hold on, but the combination of bandwagon jumping by the media, short memories by those voting, an SEC bias, and the anti-rematch vote, are enough that Florida moving into the #2 spot is still a possibility.

The good news is that after falling down 17-0 early, Arkansas just picked off an interception, and Swiss Army Knife Darren McFadden just threw a touchdown pass to make it 17-14 Florida. Here's to holding out hope that Arkansas pulls out the win so I actually sleep tonight.

Thank you, once again, UCLA, for a fine defensive performance :)