Saturday, December 02, 2006

The SEC is a joke

All I hear is everybody talking about how great the SEC is, but this Arkansas/Florida matchup is a mockery of football. Urban Meyer calls a fake punt from his own fifteen, down by four in the third quarter, and manages to avoid looking by a fool because the refs choose to ignore a blatant holding call. Meyer than proceeds to burn all three timeouts for no apparent reason; Chris Leaks throws a "pitch" six; Arkansas responds with a gift of their own, when punt returner Fish turns his back on a deep punt, and instead of letting it go into the endzone, he muffs the punt, and leaves the ball lying on the ground in the endzone, for a free Gators touchdown, allowing them to get back in the game.

Florida is up 24-21 with 14:21 to go, but I don't see how anybody can vote Florida ahead of Michigan after this mess. The last coaches ballots are made public, so anybody voting Michigan lower than #4 will look like a complete ass, no matter how this game ends up. A rematch should be inevitable, but a 65-yard rushing touchdown by the Gators has me back on pins and needles. I really want Arkansas to pull out the win, so I can rest easily tonight, and we can all avoid a "BCS Mess".