Saturday, December 02, 2006

Screw you, CBS - The BCS Mess - Michigan or Florida

These CBS commentators are obnoxious. They are openly lobbying for a Florida-OSU national championship game on a national broadcast. this is downright ludicrous. Why should two homer broadcasters have so much influence and power over the BCS selection process.

There is no reason that Florida should jump ahead of Michigan. The standard argument is that Florida has played a tougher schedule, but I just don't believe that to be true. Tennessee, Auburn, and Georgia have all proved to be overrated, so the only truly impressive victories wins this season are over LSU and Arkansas. Florida had two one-point victories -

21-20 vs. Tennessee
17-16 vs. South Carolina

Against South Carolina, they needed two blocked field goal attempts, including a second blocked field goal as time expired to pull out the victory.

Florida struggled to pull out a 25-19 victory over Vanderbilt, the only common opponent, which Michigan defeated handily, winning 27-7.

Florida won 4 games by 7 points or less. Michigan lost 2.

Michigan's only sin for the season was dropping a game by 3 points, on the road, on terrible field conditions, against the #1 team in the nation.

If only Fish made this all a lot easier by letting that muffed punt return go into the endzone, instead of foolishly trying to handle it. That play turned the entire complexion of the game, and the BCS standings. Arizona had just come back from a seventeen point deficit, with 21 straight points, and the ball in their possession. Florida scored the next 14 points, and never looked back. That play was the difference in the game.

Urban Meyer has been a crybaby all season long, openly lobbying for the immediate dismantlement of the BCS system if a Michigan/OSU rematch does occur. What kind of coach calls a fake punt from their own 15 in the third quarter? What kind of commentator lauds praises on this man after a mockery of a football game?

I leave you with the current Wikipedia entry on Gary Danielson, the CBS commentator who felt the need to make an open case for Florida advancing to the National Championship over Michigan:

Gary Danielson is a biased sportscaster who makes bold statements without basis. He broadcasts for the Southeast conference as the Big 10 does not want him. He's without question an embarrassment.

Admittedly, looking at the edit log for this article reveals that this is vandalism, as a direct result of his open lobbying on national television, but I pretty much agree with the sentiment. The openly biased opinion of these CBS commentators was disgusting and uncalled for.