Saturday, December 02, 2006

Gary Danielson is a Second Rate Announcer

I just left a complaint for CBS on their feedback form:

The team covering the SEC Championship was horrible. There is no call for such an obvious and openly biased attempt to sway the opinion of BCS voters. I'm tempted to boycott CBS entirely, and never again watch a televised college football game on your station. It is completely irresponsible to play favorites when broadcasting a nationally televised championship football, and attempting to undermine and overtly influence the BCS voting process. Quotes from Gary Danielson during the game:

"Let's face it, Michigan is a second place team".

"This is the SEC. WE don't call that".

Let's face it - Gary Danielson is a second rate announcer, and has no business openly lobbying for and attempting to influence the outcome of the final BCS ballot.